Celebrating achievements and looking ahead

Celebrating the world’s best marketers at the Marketing Hall of Fame induction ceremony is a look back and stellar careers and achievements and a look ahead at what the future of marketing holds.

The June 7 ceremony at the spectacular Manhattan headquarters of Horizon Media, honored four inspiring marketing thinkers, doers, and role models for their accomplishments and contributions to the field and who continue to shape marketing’s future.

In showcasing the achievements of our inductees, we celebrate the role marketing and top marketers play in business success.

No better time to be a marketer

The four outstanding marketing innovators inducted as the class of 2023 into the Marketing Hall of Fame each gave their own perspectives on the future of marketing:

  • Chris Capossela, Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft spoke of the need to continually reinvent oneself in the rapidly changing business environment of today. From leadership to the way people do their jobs to the way companies operate and the products and services they offer—there’s a push to innovate.

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  • Amy Fuller, former Chief Marketing Officer of Accenture, echoed the theme of succeeding through change. She said: “You might think you’re up to date, but that lasts for about a millisecond before there is much more to learn.” She shared her insights for running a high-performing marketing organization based on teamwork and a willingness to experiment and learn “early, ugly, and often.”

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  • Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing Officer of Mastercard shared his thoughts on the exciting and freeing dynamics of our fast-changing industry. “The rate of change,” he said, “is absolutely mind blowing.” While change makes some people uneasy, it frees others from constraints. Technologies like AI, augmented and virtual reality and the blockchain are only the beginning of catalysts—as are changes in our culture.

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  • Dan Ariely, the famous behavioral economist and Duke University professor, talked about how understanding people is so important in leading brands through change and innovation. In a data-driven world, is remains vital to understand how people think, make decisions, and act. Crunching numbers only gets you so far. You need to watch and understand what is really driving behavior.

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World-class networking with world-class marketers

Marketing Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are as famous for world class networking with New York marketing leaders from leading brands and innovative agencies as they are about the honorees. This year’s packed house did not disappoint.

Recognizing the contributions of our sponsors

Guests enjoyed a special treat as sponsor Pernod-Ricard launched Chateau Sainte Marguerite Fantastique Rosé, from the Fayard family vineyards in Provence. Special thanks to Accenture, Mastercard®, McCann-Worldgroup, and Greenbook. Without their support, the event would not be possible. We also applaud Encore Events for a flawlessly executed evening.

An honor like no other

Induction into the Marketing Hall of Fame is a unique honor. It is different from other awards in that honorees are elected, not selected. Nominations are open to anyone, voted on by the Marketing Hall of Fame Academy’s almost 400 members and then by the CEOs of the major industry associations for a holistic perspective of the whole of the marketing profession.

Join us in congratulating this year’s honorees.

Download a digital copy of this year’s event program.

Photos from the 2023 Induction Ceremony

Photo Credit: Josh Pacheco
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