Nominate a Marketer

Nominate a marketer

Nominations are now open. Please nominate as many qualified marketers as you wish. There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be made. This process is free and open to the public. It should only take a couple of minutes. Both members and non-members of the AMA are welcome to participate!

In making a nomination, please carefully consider the eligibility requirements and nomination criteria below. A nominee does not have to meet all these criteria. The Marketing Hall of Fame is looking for brilliant marketers who have made an outstanding contribution to furthering the future of marketing in any one of the ways listed.


Eligibility to be nominated to the Marketing Hall of Fame:

Nominees can come from any marketing discipline—they can be CMOs or Marketing Directors, founders or CEOs, work in advertising, branding, research or data analytics agencies, be academics, journalists, or be people who have contributed substantially to marketing in some other way. The awards are reserved for current marketing practitioners. They must have been in the marketing profession for at least 10 years. Our primary focus is on the U.S., but our remit is global.


Criteria to be considered when making your nominations:

To qualify for election to the Marketing Hall of Fame, marketers should meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. Marketing that works

  • Innovations that have transformed organizations through purpose and had a dramatic impact on business results

2. Raising marketing’s profile

  • Increasing the influence of marketing, e.g. getting a seat on the board, expanding marketing’s remit to include innovation and growth strategy

3. New marketing tools and approaches

  • Pioneers of new marketing technologies and new ways of measuring the impact of marketing

4. Developing marketing leaders

  • Inspiring, educating, and mentoring future generations of marketers

5.  Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

  • Spearheading meaningful change, with industry-wide initiatives that celebrate differences and create inclusive environments

6. Promoting sustainability

  • Initiating actions and programs that positively impact our culture, our planet, and our people.

How to submit a nomination:

  • Please fill out the official nomination form online
  • It should include a brief description of the outstanding contributions the nominee has made to marketing, meeting one or more of the criteria outlined above.


September 16, 2021 – Nominations for the 2022 Marketing Hall of Fame inductees begin
October 26, 2021     – Deadline for 2022 nominations
November 7, 2021    – Marketing Hall of Fame Academy Member voting opens
December 10, 2021  – Marketing Hall of Fame Academy Member voting closes
February  1, 2022     – The 2022 Marketing Hall of Fame Inductees are announced
April  7, 2022            – Marketing Hall of Fame Induction Event

To be held at R/GA, 450 West 33rd Street

Nominations for the 2023 Marketing Hall of Fame have ended.

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